Janine and Chris met in Miami Florida when Chris “a farm boy from Idaho'' came for his Masters in Sports Administration. Janine, Jamaican born of Lebanese descent, was raised in Miami and worked as an accountant for the company Chris interned with - Miami Arena Football. To make the love story short, they moved to Idaho, got married and have 3 wonderful sons. It was Janine’s mom, Mimo, that first started making their family hummus recipe with Chris’ farm raised garbanzo beans. As all great Lebanese moms do, she “insisted'' Janine do the same. And as all great Lebanese daughters do, Janine argued her recipe was already “perfect” because all her friends said so! It was when Mimo said, “well, that’s ok, Janine, they don’t know what perfect is” that the Zacca Hummus company was born.

Zacca Hummus sources their chickpeas from the Zenner Family farm. Janine’s father in law, Russ Zenner, recently retired and handed the farm over to Clint and Alecia Zenner, making it a fourth generation operation. The Zenner family farm has 1000 acres of chickpeas, which produces 1.5-2 million pounds of chickpeas annually! Since entering the Boise markets in 2012, Zacca Hummus has grown their retail line to 5 states and multiple food service distributors throughout the Pacific NW region. Zacca Hummus has partnered with Devanco Foods, a national manufacturer of Mediterranean foods with over 100+ years collective experience in the manufacturing and marketing of the highest quality products. As a new division of Devanco Foods, Zacca Hummus will be expanding in both retail and food service nationwide.Janine has a dual Business degree in Finance and International Business from Florida International University. She went on to receive a CPA certification in 2000. She worked as a manager and controller in the private sector for over 15 years prior to founding ZZ Foods. Janine resides in Boise, Idaho with her husband Chris and three sons, Zaccary, Nicklaus and Wade.